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Written and Directed by Billie Pleffer DEADLOCK is a drama pilot series commissioned by the ABC and Screen Australia for TV and online.


WINNER of the 2018 Australian Academy (AACTA) Award and 2019 Australian Directors Guild Award for Best Direction in an Online Drama Series in 5 x 15 minutes episodes and a 1 hour TV cutdown - Deadlock is a story told in 5 chapters from 5 characters point of view, about a car crash in Northern NSW. Each episode explores the event at a different point in time as we piece together the overriding mystery about who was the driver of the car that killed two teenagers.

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DEADLOCK crashes though the incredible highs, joy, heartbreak, camaraderie, laughs and bittersweet sorrow of what it is to be a teenager. When a mysterious car crash exposes the dark underbelly of an idyllic paradise, it dramatically changes the lives of the teens it touches. Beating the universal anthem of youth, the story ignites their individual quest to assert who they are and what they want and the risks they take to get there.

Trailer as seen on RACKA RACKA

Deadlock Trailer Music:

Drunk Mums

Nocturnal Tapes


Sydney Morning Herald  - ★★★★

"this is an evocative story of the recklessness of youth and that liquid space between childhood and adulthood that speaks directly to the demographic of its cast, but also to generations beyond."

"Deadlock’s unconventional format signals ABC’s willingness to experiment with different ways to tell Australian stories and engage an audience commercial broadcasters have all but given up on."



2019     Australian Directors Guild Awards

              Billie Pleffer - Best Direction in an Online Drama Series


2018     Australian Academy AACTA Award

              Best Online Series



2018     Australian Cinematography (ACS) Awards

              James L Brown - Best Cinematography in Drama Series 



2018     Casting Guild of Australia (CGA) Awards

              Best Casting for an Online Series - Danny Long Casting







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